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Tavira Venice of the Algarve.

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Private sightseeing toursWe pride ourselves on our ability to find the perfect tour to suit your requirements making sure your visit is truly memorable. Private sightseeing tours of the Algarve. Our service is perfect for seniors, families, private groups and VIPs. Choose the tours, to suit your requirements.

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Walking Eco-ToursWe invite you to join us for an eco-adventure in Portugal. There is absolutely no better way to experience mother nature than to spend your days hiking. Exploring new landscapes, observing new wildlife, and experiencing new ecosystems it's an exciting way to spend a day.


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The Algarve has a wonderful variety of birds and many places where to find them. At almost any time of the year there is something of interest to see. These tours are specifically designed for those who like to learn and have fun while bird watching.

Whether you’re in the Algarve on a family or golf holiday and would like a different day out. Come bird watching.


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Boat ToursOur programs are an invitation to leave the routine of the holidays.
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Wonderful programs and activities for you and your family. Reef Fishing,Big Game Fishing,Day Charter,Taxi Service



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Tavira honeymoon

After handling all the worries and details of planning your wedding, youl need a place to relax and feel pampered.

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You can wander lazily and admire the natural beauty or, for a change of pace practice sports, dance the night away, explore the local culture with your spouse

Terra estreita TaviraTavira combines relaxation away from hordes of tourists on the west Algarve with a picturesque setting, a rare feat for the Algarve. Tavira, to the east of Faro in the south-east corner of Portugal, is one of the most photogenic towns along the Algarve , white-washed houses topped with decorative chimneys and Roman-tiled roofs, set among orange, fig and almond trees.

There are few other spots on the Algarve where one can enjoy and unwind as well as in Tavira . Perhaps this is one of the reasons that makes so many people return year after year to this magical place.

Whatever the case, the fact remains that you will never be bored while staying in Tavira . Tavira offers a myriad of opportunities to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Tavira was a very important place on the map throughout Portuguese history, once the most important port beyond Lisbon at the time. When you've had your fill of azulejos and views of terracotta rooftops, wander back down to the riverfront and find a quiet spot for a drink. Fishing is still a mainstay of the local economy and the fishing boats are moored just beyond the old market.

Ria Formosa TaviraTavira his sometimes referred to as the Venice of the Algarve,with some fine Renaissance architecture, numerous churches, tree-lined squares and a certain romantic air. You will find fine examples of medieval houses complete with Gothic windows and doorways.


Boat Taxi TaviraAt only a short walk from the sea, a handful of pleasant beaches are at easy reach from Tavira, a  long sand dune spiting between the town and the ocean protects the Ria Formosa., boat trips transport beachgoers from the town centre to the Ilha., and the local vilages of S.Luzia and Cabanas.

Tavira is well equipped with supermarkets for self-caterers, and many souvenir shops selling cork items, lace, embroidered goods and shell art. Tavira is a food-lovers haven, especially for those who enjoy seafood. There are numerous restaurants along the quayside and riverbank, serving excellent cuisine at reasonable prices.

BirdIf you love nature and Exploring new landscaps, observing new wildlife, and experiencing new ecosystems Tavira has just the rught mix.




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