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We specialise in customised tours and extended tours ifyou can create a customized vacation to fit your desires and budget visit Tavira Tours

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Sightseeing Tours

Private sightseeing toursWe pride ourselves on our ability to find the perfect tour to suit your requirements making sure your visit is truly memorable. Private sightseeing tours of the Algarve. Our service is perfect for seniors, families, private groups and VIPs. Choose the tours, to suit your requirements.

A private tour is far more affordable than most people think.


Walking Eco-Tours

Walking Eco-ToursWe invite you to join us for an eco-adventure in Portugal. There is absolutely no better way to experience mother nature than to spend your days hiking. Exploring new landscapes, observing new wildlife, and experiencing new ecosystems it's an exciting way to spend a day.


Birdwatching Tours

The Algarve has a wonderful variety of birds and many places where to find them. At almost any time of the year there is something of interest to see. These tours are specifically designed for those who like to learn and have fun while bird watching.

Whether you’re in the Algarve on a family or golf holiday and would like a different day out. Come bird watching.


Transfer Service

Transfer ServiceWe provide : A one-stop contact for all transportation needs. Worry-free transfers and tours. We offer a fully tailored Transfer Service.

If you want to enjoy comfort, leave your transportation needs on our hands.


Boat Tours

Boat ToursOur programs are an invitation to leave the routine of the holidays.
It will be a day to remember in your vacations. You and your family will just love-it.

Wonderful programs and activities for you and your family. Reef Fishing,Big Game Fishing,Day Charter,Taxi Service



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